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Reiki Healing and Guidance

Reiki is a form of energetic hands on healing, that increases the natural flow of life force energy in the body. It is a beautiful subtle energy that can heal on many different levels in the body (physical, emotional, spiritual). Every Reiki experience is different as Reiki energy will flow to the areas it is needed most at this point in time. It brings a wonderful sense of peace and lightness of spirit. Many people feel a deep sense of relaxation and clarity during and after a treatment. Hands are placed on different areas of the body to direct the Reiki. All the recipient has to do is relax and be open to receiving this wonderful form of healing. During the treatment I connect with a person's higher self and spirit guides, angels and loved ones and receive messages and guidance which is written down and shared at the end of the treatment. These messages relate to a person's purpose in this lifetime and their gifts and talents and any other information they need to bring them more in alignment with their true self.

This treatment may also include: Smudging, Chakra balancing, use of aura essences and crystals healing.

90 mins $180

Soul Readings

These psychic readings are great for those who would like more direction and clarity in understanding their purpose in this lifetime. During these sessions we can have a look a what is going on in your life at this moment and also look at the bigger picture. You are also able to ask specific questions about different areas in your life. These sessions use a combination of modalities and may include: Angel/Oracle Cards, Gypsy Cards, Mediumship, Pendulum work, Scrying and Channeling.These are memorable, uplifting sessions.


60mins $120

90mins $160


Massage infused with Reiki Healing

Encourages relaxation by manipulating the muscles and soft tissues of the body. Massage can relieve areas of muscle tightness and increase mobility. Therapeutic massage increases blood flow to the muscles and aids in breaking down and eliminating toxins from the body. It also reduces stress by relaxing the nervous system and helps the body to release endorphin's (our 'feel good' hormones). Healing energy is sent to areas of muscle tension to help release not only on a physical level but emotional, mental and spiritual levels too.




60mins $140

Add Ons

Reiki Healing (no messages): 30 min $60

Intuitive Card Reading/Mediumship Reading: 30 min $60

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage: 30min $60

Lava Shell Massage: 30min $60


Combined Massage, Reiki and Soul Reading

30 min Customised Massage combined with healing

30 min Reiki Healing

30 min Soul Reading


90mins $180

Abhyanga - Ayurvedic Massage

This ancient grounding and invigorating massage is performed with therapeutic oil that has been warmed to nourish every part of the body including the hair.

This treatment moves stagnation in the lymphatic system and the mind, so after you feel clear and alive. It is also ultra pacifing for the nervous system.

Every part of your mind, body and spirit will feel attended to in this sensory experience, It is a truly Divine experience.


90mins $180


Reiki Facial

Great skin comes from within. A unique treatment that combines a customised facial and infuses it with Reiki energy. Facials include cleanse, exfoliation, crystal wand facial massage, mask, neck and shoulder massage, chakra balancing, Reiki healing and treatment serums. A wonderful way to feel totally nurtured, balanced and refreshed. We use Mayella products, a beautiful natural range sourcing only the purist and potent ingredients from nature.


90mins $170

Lava Shell Massage

A very unique massage experience. Polished clam shells are filled with a self heating mixture of sea kelp, dead sea salts and minerals. Similar to a hot stone massage the shells stay heated for the entire 60 min massage, melting away muscle tension. The body retains the heat and you are left feeling totally relaxed and nurtured.

60mins $140

Sekhem/All Love

An ancient spiritual energy from Egypt. Connects you to heaven and earth to receive healing on a physical/emotional/spiritual level. This energy opens the heart to love by letting go of past hurt and trauma. By releasing, it allows space for more light and love. When the heart is open it allows the recipient to experience wisdom from past lives through a connection to something greater than themselves. A powerful energy which lets the recipient have their own experience and realisations while being guided and supported through every stage.


90 mins $170

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