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Our Philosophy

At Essence & Soul Therapies we nurture your body, mind and spirit and allow you time to reflect on what is really important in your life. We perform unique, uplifting and memorable Reiki, Seichim/All love, Psychic and Mediumship readings, Reiki Facials and Massage treatments. We have created a special healing sanctuary in a tranquil setting. This creates a beautiful ambiance to perform the treatments and is sure to leave you feeling relaxed, renewed and with a greater sense of inner peace and clarity.



About Sarah


Growing up I felt a strong connection to healing and crystals and innately knew how to heal with crystals and meditate to the amazement of my family. You would often find me outside in the garden picking flowers and herbs and making up special healing concoctions and being at one with nature. In high school I was asked to give talks to my fellow students about meditation and using aromatherapy and other natural modalities to cope with stress. When I left school I completed a Bachelor of Health Science and Majored in Naturopathy. I worked as a Naturopath for many years but always felt there was something incomplete about what I did. I decided to learn beauty therapy as I had always struggled with bad skin as a teenager and young adult and I found I really enjoyed the hands on work of caring for others. In my late twenties I was ready to return to my spiritual journey and realised I was ready to once again use my innate healing abilities. To help me understand this better I decided to learn Reiki and it truly changed my life. I began my journey with Reiki in 2012 and over several years I completed the three levels of Reiki and I am now a Reiki Master & Teacher.

Over that time my Reiki really evolved and changed and I was able to open up more to communication to the spirit world. I was inspired to study Mediumship and I now regularly perform Mediumship demonstrations at Spiritual Churches in Sydney and also do one on one sessions connecting to people's loved ones in spirit and passing on messages.


Reiki has brought many gifts into my life including my partner Kris and my children Hannah and Michael. My journey completely changed my perception of life and what is important. I came to the realisation that so many people are seeking their purpose could benefit from connecting to their own spirituality through energy work and I was inspired to create Essence & Soul Therapies to help people begin their healing journey. I especially enjoy working with Teenagers and young adults helping to guide and mentor them in their own unique journey.


Sarah Knox

Reiki Master

Psychic Medium

Beauty Therapist


The Soul is Free,

it is Beautiful,

let it Fly.






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